Buy Online High-Quality Espadrilles Made In Spain

Mar 3, 2023

Espadrilles Made in Spain

You can now buy high-quality espadrilles made in Spain through our online shop at Pineapples and Love.

With all the athletic trend happening and the sneaker and slip-on invasion, you can’t help yourself finding a pair of comfortable, casual shoes, instead of hurting yourself with sky-high heels.

Spring and summer seasons are all about shoes. The hot season focuses on casual, relaxed shoes with by-the-beach looks. And you can never go wrong with our high-quality espadrilles that are made in Spain and designed in Los Angeles. By wearing our espadrilles, you can have a Mediterranean style like you’re a posh chic girl on a yacht somewhere.

espadrilles made in Spainespadrilles made in Spain

Espadrilles made in Spain for Women


Most wearers of espadrilles are female. However, it’s actually a shoe for both men and women. At Pineapples and Love, we offer styles designed just for women and kids matching with mommy and next season we will be selling men too.  They may have that beach vibe, but you can wear them in the city as well. Regardless of where you are in this world, New York to LA to Australia, everyone who has a penchant for fashion is now living in these shoes.


Our online shop is your best ally if you’re looking for colors and unique designs. That’s why we’re working to accommodate that demand. At Pineapples and Love, size won’t be an obstacle in finding an original, high-quality pair of espadrilles made in Spain. In our shop, design and tradition always go hand in hand so our customers can fully express their own style.


Most of our customers would describe our shoe collection as elegant and versatile as they’re available in various styles that are perfect for any occasion.


Never Lose Appeal


Espadrilles are shoes that you can’t just do without. They don’t lose appeal. Even if they are with a wedge that’s high enough to lengthen your legs, they’re still comfortable to wear that you can have them all day long. They are simply perfect and timeless. That’s why Hollywood celebrities have at least one pair of espadrilles that they can wear anytime of the year.


Our collection offers a broad range of colors, but each pair provides comfort. Each has a subtle platform with a chic design. All of our designs have cushioned insole for maximum comfort. Our shoes are the product of years of experience. Thus, we can guarantee you comfort without having to sacrifice style and sophistication.


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