charity saving ocean turtles


A portion of all the proceeds generated by Pineapples and Love online sales will go directly to Paso Pacifico, an organization that works to preserve endangered wildlife and natural ecosystems in Central America.

Paso Pacífico‘s mission is to restore and conserve the natural ecosystems of Central America’s Pacific slope by collaborating with landowners, local communities and involved organizations to promote ecosystem conservation.

They envision a Central America where well-managed conservation areas are connected by viable biological corridors that span from ridge to reef, including restored tropical dry forests and marine protected areas.

We are committed to helping the Ocean Turtles that are commonly poached along the Pacific coast in Nicaragua.

They are  vulnearable and critically endangered.  In Central American cities, the eggs of the four species of sea turtles are considered a delicacy and aphrodisiac, commanding a good price at markets.

charity saving ocean turtles