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Mar 3, 2023

Mommy and Me Sneakers

Mothers are always looking for a fun way to bond with their daughters. So, if you have a little princess in your life right now, you’d want to style her like her mama. At Pineapples and Love, we’re offering mommy and me sneakers, both you and your child are sure to love. Moms and daughters alike will surely love these looks. As a mom, you can wear these flats along with your mini-me. The sneakers that we offer are completely on trend.


No longer about cheesy and floral

Nowadays, mommy-and-daughter style doesn’t have to be about cheesy or floral. You can skip those matching dresses and opt to wear a pair of shoes that both you and your daughter can equally enjoy. Your favorite sneakers have a matching pair for your princess so she can be as stylish as her mama.

With these matching sneakers, the two of you can keep active and match wearing comfortable shoes to inspire other moms to choose comfort with style.

You can stay warm and cozy with matching sneakers made entirely for you and your daughter. They are perfect with leggings or long dress. Your little one wouldn’t want to remove the mini version of her sneakers.

Sneakers are made for walking. Our matching sneakers are made for walking together with your daughter. You’ll surely love the versatility of these shoes, and your princess will love how the style matches her mamas.

The classic style of these shoes come in all sizes. That said, you can keep wearing them and style your little one in a mini pair.

You can wear them in summer or winter. These sneakers can keep you dry even in winter, and the child version will surely look adorable in any dress she wears.

The matching sneakers for mummy and daughter at Pineapples and Love can give little girls, who just couldn’t wait to step into their mother’s shoes, a great pair of shoes. Our team developed the newly launched collection styles. We saw this need in the market that’s void of a more sophisticated design in this category.


Every Mom Needs

Our matching sneakers collected started with one goal in mind. That is to strengthen the bond between mothers and daughters through a pair of sneakers. These shoes have been around for centuries. Their versatility and style are just two of the reasons they would stick around for a very long time. All of our collections are created with style in mind to make mothers and daughters look fabulous while they walk in the city, park, or anywhere they wish.

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